The Steers

We offer whole, half, and quarter steers on a price per pound basis.  The weight is based on the hanging weight after slaughter, which is approximately 55% of the live weight for Angus.  That way, you are paying for exactly what you are getting.  Once you debone and butcher the steer, the carcass yield (wrapped meat for your freezer) will be approximately 70% of the hanging weight.  The carcass yield depends directly on how you decide to butcher the steer, which is why we charge based on hanging weight and not the end product. 

                                                                              Live weight x dress percentage x carcass yield = packaged meat weight.

Each steer will have a different live weight, but most will be around 1100 lbs.  Using the above formula for an average steer:  1100 lbs. live weight x 55% x 70% = 420 lbs. of wrapped meat to go in your freezer. (This figure does not include the organs, head, or dog bones.)  Again, these are calculations based on averages, but it gives you a ballpark idea of how much meat comes from a single animal.

Penshorn's Rates:

$0.70 per pound for processing
$0.25 per pound to tenderize
They usually cryo-vac anything without a bone like hamburger, stew meat, fajitas, brisket, round roast, ribeyes, and round steak.  Anything with a bone will be wrapped in butcher paper.  That includes T-Bones, roasts, BBQ ribs, soup bones, etc.

The Butcher Shop

At Skip Rock Ranch, we believe that it is important that you know where your food comes from.  In light of this, you will get to participate in the process. We will transport your steer to Penshorn's Meat Market in Marion, Texas.  You need to call Elroy at Penshorn's at  to tell him how you want your steer butchered.  He will talk you through the process, answer any questions, and make sure you get your meat butchered exactly the way you want if you order a whole or half.  (Quarter steers will be butchered by a standard method.)  Other butchers might use a cut sheet that you just check off and submit.   Penshorns would rather talk to you in person, or over the phone, to make sure your order is done right.  It is a little low tech and old fashioned, but that is one of the many things we like about Penshorn's.

You have lots of decisions to make.  Do you want steaks cut 1/2" thick to quickly pan sear or would you like 2" thick steaks for the pit?  Does your family cook roasts  and prime rib for dinner, or would you prefer more hamburger?  How about chili meat, chuck steaks or chuck roast, soup bones, stew meat, kebabs, ribs, liver, barbacoa, oxtail, or dog bones?  There is more than one way to do this.  The fun part is that, unlike the grocery store, you get to do it your way.

You will be buying the steer from Skip Rock Ranch through our on-line store.  Then you will pay Penshorn's for processing when you pick up your order.  When your order is ready, throw a couple of coolers in the back of the SUV, grab lunch in New Braunfels, then drive another 12 minutes to Penshorn's in Marion.  Generally, you will need 1 cubic foot of cooler space for 25 lbs. of meat.  A whole steer should fit into the empty 18 Cu. Ft. freezer in your garage.  If freezer space is tight, you might consider splitting an order with friends or neighbors.  We call this "Cow-Pooling."  Also, you can pick up a new, 7 Cu. Ft. freezer for less than $200 ($50 on craigslist), and easily store a quarter steer.

The Location

We use Penshorn's Meat Market in Marion, TX.  Why use Penshorn's?  First, it is a wonderful small town meat market.  Even if you don't buy a steer from us, you need to visit Penshorn's.  Just walking in the door will make you hungry.  Also, you just can't beat their quality and small town commitment to customer service.

Second, this is all just about the meat.  Any time you transport cattle, that causes stress.  Stress can affect the flavor and tenderness of the meat.  Less transport time causes less stress, which makes your meat taste better.  We chose a butcher within an hour or so from the ranch, and located between San Antonio and Austin, so we could service both markets.  Penshorn's is a short drive for our cattle and convenient for anyone in Central Texas.

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