Natural Grass Fed Beef Raised in Texas

Our Dad Gary Wilbeck 
Pearsall, Texas 1967
Just like all kids, we grew up skipping rocks across creeks and stock tanks.  However, the name Skip Rock actually comes from Grandpa's biscuits.

Every time we would go to the ranch, Grandpa would always cook a huge country breakfast.  He always made scratch biscuits that he called "skip rocks."   Back in the 1960s, somebody cut the bottom out of a Schlitz beer can to make a biscuit cutter.  That can became the best biscuit cutter ever, and has made thousands of biscuits over the last 40+ years.
When Lee and I were trying to come up with a name for this operation, we were just reminiscing about going to the ranch as kids. Grandpa's skip rocks came up, and the name stuck.

While the ranch has changed over the years, the Schlitz can is still in the cupboard.  Now that our camp cooks (Dad and Grandpa) are gone, it is our turn to make skip rocks for breakfast.

Our Story

My name is Scott Wilbeck, and in 2012, my brother Lee and I founded Skip Rock Ranch.  Our family has been farming and ranching in Texas since before it was even a country, let alone a state.  We still maintain a traditional family cow/calf operation, but Skip Rock Ranch began as an effort to return to the roots of farm to table ranching in Texas.

Lee and I started working on the family farm at age 12 for $2 an hour.  We worked every summer and break through college. It was hard, but rewarding.  Looking back, I don't think I would trade that experience for anything. 

After we both graduated from Texas A&M, we couldn't get off the farm fast enough. Just like almost everyone we grew up with, we "escaped" to a different life than our parents had known.  Years later, the passing of our Dad brought us back.  We are slowly trying to fill Dad's shoes and have realized that family ranching in Texas will likely die with our generation unless we do something about it.  Skip Rock Ranch is our attempt to do something about it.
Dad & Grandpa making skip rocks - early 80's
(Notice the Schlitz biscuit cutter)